The story of the name “Runyonland” begins with writer Damon Runyon, best known for his short stories celebrating the world of broadway in the former half of the 1900s.

Many of Runyon’s works were first published in newspapers and later adapted into musical theatre, including perhaps the most well-known; GUYS AND DOLLS. The disocvery of this musical marked a seminal moment in the initiation of Thomas’ love for theatre as he was stunned and captivated by the characters and world illustrated on stage. In GUYS AND DOLLS, the tune ‘Runyonland’ is a bright overture that dazzles the senses, preparing you for what’s to come. These ‘Runyonesque’ influences are foundational to the company’s mission, striving to create powerful and exciting shared experiences - much like what Thomas experienced as an audience member. Runyonland encompasses a space or place - it’s simply the environment where groundbreaking artists, and art, are supported and uplifted. The Runyonland catalog resonates with this, featuring unique pieces that push boundaries beyond expectations.
Runyonland Productions goes beyond what you see on stage and screen. We are committed to developing new stories and creating innovative shared experiences. Through breaking expectations of what theatre looks like, we’re shifting boundaries through new business practices.

Thomas Laub founded Runyonland Productions out of a passion for fostering artistic excellence and creating unique shared experiences. Although a devotee and historian of the rich history of the theatre, Thomas quickly realized that the industry was steeped in outdated practices, stifling the next generation of artists and stories. This led to the creation of Runyonland Productions, a theatre production company launched at the University of Michigan and based in NYC, which from small beginnings quickly grew a reputation for helping bring to life some of the most innovative, successful, and acclaimed shows on Broadway in recent years, such as ‘Slave Play’ and ‘American Utopia’.

Today, Runyonland continues to uplift artists who are reconstructing what theatre should be in the contemporary landscape, bringing new stories to diverse audiences.

Our Values


Holding ourselves to high standards to respect and uplift voices that push boundaries and shine a new light on the theatrical landscape.


Commiting to develop and create lasting and innovative work and experiences.


Growing beyond hardships and disrupting industry expectations to create bold experiences for all.

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