The story of the name “Runyonland” begins with early-20th century cartoonist and writer, Damon Runyon. In 1932, his collection of short stories, Guys and Dolls, was published, and was later turned into its namesake musical by Frank Loesser and Abe Burrows, with producers Cy Feuer and Ernie Martin.

Runyon’s larger than life, colorful, romanticized New York City encapsulates the magic energy that pulses through the city, and “Runyonland” is the bright overture in Guys and Dolls that dazzles the senses, preparing the audience for the night ahead. Those ‘Runyon-esque’ influences are foundational to the company’s mission, striving to create a powerful, exciting shared experience from first note to last, curb to curb, regardless of medium.

As in Runyon’s stories, Runyonland isn’t merely a place - it’s an environment, an ecosystem where groundbreaking artists can create work that feels bold, daring, and bigger than life, while being celebrated and uplifted.

Innovative Artists. Unapologetically Authentic Stories.

Runyonland Productions goes beyond what you see on stage and screen. We are committed to developing new stories and creating innovative shared experiences. By breaking expectations of what theatre can look like, we’re shifting boundaries with forward-thinking business models at the cutting edge of art and commerce.

Led by Thomas Laub and Alyah Chanelle Scott, Runyonland was founded in Ann Arbor, MI, and quickly grew a reputation for helping bring to life some of the most innovative, unique, and critically-acclaimed shows on Broadway in recent years. With a passion for fostering artistic excellence, and an artist-first approach to creative producing, Runyonland centers the bold, dynamic storytellers on each project to bring the fullest, most striking version of their work to audiences.

Today, Runyonland continues to uplift artists who are reconstructing what theatre can be in the contemporary landscape, bringing new, bold stories to the widest audiences possible.

Our Values


Holding our process to the same high standards as our product in order to respect and uplift voices that push boundaries and shine new light on the entertainment landscape. Some art should feel uncomfortable, but the environment for the artists creating it shouldn’t be.


Committing to the development and creation of lasting, meaningful experiences that push the boundaries of the form.


Disrupting industry expectations to create bold experiences for all in fresh, unexplored formats.

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